Who Are You Talking to On Social Media?

Who are you talking to on social media? You may not realize this but there is a particular audience designed for your personality or for the product or service you offer. While I don’t know who your particular audience is, I know who it’s not. It’s not “everyone.” Why? Because you can’t talk to everyone at the same time effectively. Imagine having a group of 6-10 year olds in the same room as a group of senior citizens. Would they care about the same things? Would they have the same needs? Would they even understand the same buzz words? No, they wouldn’t.

Take a moment to watch the video to truly understand the importance of defining your target market, the audience designed just for you. Here are factors to include in the description of your target market:

  1. Age
  2. Gender
  3. Race/Ethnicity/Culture
  4. Lifestyle (i.e. do they travel, do they read magazines, do they workout, are they busy, etc.)
  5. Behavior (i.e. do they invest in themselves, are they bargain shoppers, etc.)

Be detailed in your description. Know that your target market may shift over time. Start by looking at who you currently attract and/or service. When you’ve completed your description, you may be happy with it or you may determine that’s not who you want to work with. It’s okay to make changes, but it’s critical to start somewhere.

Southwest Airlines began by specifically targeting trips that took less than an hour and a half. The opposite of other airlines, they competed directly with ground transportation versus other airlines. Their target market was the traveler going a short distance but who wanted to get there quickly and inexpensively. Over time, they have added longer trips so naturally, their target market has expanded. Start somewhere so you can refine and keep getting better and better at what you do!

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Suzzette Turnbull is the CEO of Uncommon Marketing and a social media speaker and trainer. Connect with her on Facebook at Suzzette Turnbull and on Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope at @suzyturn. Be sure to subscribe to the website for more social media tips and upcoming trainings.


2 thoughts on “Who Are You Talking to On Social Media?

  1. This was right on time for me. I have been trying to figure out how some posts get much more attention than others. I did narrow it down to certain times, seem to generate more traffic. Thank you for the starting point.


    1. I’m glad it was helpful! There are a number of factors that affect engagement. This is only one but continue to pay attention to the behavior of your viewers. They tend to engage more when it’s something they find useful, but you would be surprised how many are paying attention but don’t comment or like your post.


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