Content is EVERYTHING! Webinar on May 21, 10amET

Content is EVERYTHING! WebinarThe most frequent questions and complaints I get from business owners, entrepreneurs, and public figures involve content and lack of engagement. Social media is often misunderstood and because of that, there are common mistakes made. The good news is that it’s easy to fix. The better news is that I’m offering a webinar on May 21, 2016 at 10amET to bring you the answers you need to get on the right track. 

Your content is key to attracting the right people and converting them into customers/clients. Yes…that’s how important your content is.

In this one-hour webinar, we’ll talk about….

  1. How to set yourself apart from your competition
  2. A content schedule to keep you on track
  3. A content bucket to pull some great ideas from
  4. How and when to promote your events
  5. How and when to promote your product/service
  6. How to convert people to loyal customers and clients
  7. Which apps to use to create an image quote (meme)
  8. And more…

Wondering if this is for you? It is if…

  • you’ve been struggling with what to say, getting and keeping people engaged and increasing your followers.
  • you took over social media for your church or ministry and don’t know what to say during the week or during service
  • you’re an author and need to promote your book
  • you’re a business owner who is strapped for time
  • you have an event coming up and you don’t know what to post besides the flyer
  • your boss just told you that you now have social media duties but you don’t have a clue what to do
  • you’re not seeing any results from your posts and you’re ready to quit

Find out more and register here at I’m looking forward to making your life easier

Suzzette Turnbull is the CEO of Uncommon Marketing and a social media speaker and trainer. Connect with her on Facebook at Suzzette Turnbull and on Instagram,Twitter, and Periscope at @suzyturn. Be sure to subscribe to the website for more social media tips and upcoming trainings.

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