Measuring Your Success on Social Media

A lot of us are in our feelings. You’re posting and engaging, doing everything the blogs and videos say you should do, but your numbers are not hitting that desired threshold.

So, how do you define your success on social media? Some people only feel successful if they have thousands of followers. That’s great if your primary goal is to be an influencer. But guess what? That may not be the right metric for your business goals.

Here are some important ways you should be measuring your follower base:

  1. Followers who turn into paying customers. None of us are on social media just to be cute. We’re on a mission to meet our business goals and meet the needs of those who need us. How many of your followers became customers/clients in the last 30 days?
  2. Building a strong network. A network has infinite value…when you build the right network. How many of your followers have you invited to lunch or have gone out to support in the last 60 days?
  3. Quality followers. Have you looked to see who’s following you lately? While your goal should be to attract customers, your goal should also be to attract people of influence and others in your industry. Get on their radar and establish yourself as someone credible in your field. Greater support is in your future but you must be consistent in demonstrating your value.

There are other metrics you should be paying attention to, but I find that these are often the most overlooked. There is much value in a quality following. This dialogue on quality does not replace the importance of quantity, but it helps you to have the right perspective on building an online network.

Bonus Tip: Be sure your social media efforts are supporting your business goals.

Stay tuned for future blogs on how to grow your numbers.

Suzzette Turnbull is a social media speaker and trainer. Also, author of The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Social Media.

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