The Missing Piece in Your Social Media Activity

What’s the one thing you’re not doing on social media? We post, we comment, we go live, we click “like,” we “friend” or “follow” people. Not enough of us are leveraging the number one asset on social media – the network of people.

In addition to what you’re doing, use social media to follow up with people or invite them to take advantage of something you’re offering.

I must admit, I see some people doing this, but it often feels robotic, promotional, and impersonal. It’s easy to see it’s a copy and paste, like a routine assembly line. Oftentimes, it’s missing a greeting; it gets right to the point of whatever the person is selling or asking me to do.

The goal is to make it personal. Am I asking you to make me feel special? Absolutely. If you’re asking people to do something for you, like register for your event, buy your product or service, or follow your account, then take a few extra moments and treat them like they matter.

Here are two examples of entrepreneurs that got it right.

Deandra McDonald is a full-time real estate investor helping others to follow the same path. I commented on her real estate post and she reached out to me via Instagram DM (direct message). Long story short, I am now on her email list. Her message led me to take action; that’s conversion, which is what you want. Get great info on real estate investing at

Florencia Clement de Grandprey was one of the amazing featured artists at a conference where I recently spoke on social media, the Excuse Me, That’s My Seat Conference. Her beautiful, expressive artwork was the backdrop on the stage. Her follow-up ensured that she remains in my mental rolodex for any opportunities that may benefit her in the future. Check out more artwork on her Facebook and Instagram accounts.


  • Make your outreach personal. You can still copy and paste the bulk of the message but make your opening sentence personal.
  • Make your outreach relevant to the person you’re messaging.
  • Remember there is an actual person on the other side of your communication.

Are you doing something on social media you’re proud of? I would love to know. Send me an email via my contact page and tell me what you’re doing. I’ll be featuring more people who are nailing it!!

Note: both women gave permission to publish their messages.

Suzzette Turnbull is a social media speaker and trainer. Also, author of The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Social Media.

2 thoughts on “The Missing Piece in Your Social Media Activity

  1. Great article! Yes, we all need to bring that human side to social media that allows others to know how much we care. Great work as always! xoxo Jasira Monique


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