5 Hacks to Get Your Instagram Hashtag Strategy on Track

Hashtags must be an integral part of your Instagram strategy. Why? Because that is how people find you and one of the ways you organically (for free) get new followers. So, how strong is your hashtag game?

I have a FREE download that gives 5 hacks to get your Instagram hashtag strategy on track. Simply click here and you’ll be on your way to getting it in your inbox.

I’ll share one quick tip with you. People can follow hashtags on Instagram. Here are two ways it helps:

Photo Credit: Jozef Polc ©123rf
  1. When people follow a hashtag you’re using, your posts get seen by people you don’t know which increases followers and engagement.
  2. When you follow hashtags relevant to your target market, their posts show up in your newsfeed. Voila! You found them without a lot of searching. Once you start engaging with their posts (like and/or comment), you get their attention which often turns into a new follower.

Get more tips in my FREE download here.

Note: hashtags work on other platforms too but they work on Instagram the best.

Suzzette Turnbull is a social media speaker and trainer. Also, author of The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started with Social Media.

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