Social Media Tip: Create a Facebook Event

Facebook events are a goldmine…but you have to use them the right way. Create an event, ask as many people as possible to invite their friends, then work that timeline. Every post sends a notification to every person invited even if they have not clicked ‘join’.

Treat the timeline on the Facebook event page as you would the timeline on your Facebook page and let that be one mode of communication leading up to the event.

Used effectively, you will easily reach beyond your current network of friends and connections to spread the word about your event farther.





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5 Apps to Create Image Quotes and Memes

You have probably been wondering how those words end up on images. Well, I’m sharing my five top choices with you today. While there are many options out there, I like the way this selection displays the text. I also like their functionality.


wordswag appThis is my #1 favorite app. It produces quality images with many cool options on how the text is displayed.  If you’re looking for professionalism and a clean, polished look, WordSwag gives it to you every time. Note: the more text you include, the smaller the font so only type in short statements. It comes with different backgrounds, access to a stock photo catalog of more options, or you can upload your own picture. Last but not least, it does all the design work for you.  Continue reading 5 Apps to Create Image Quotes and Memes