Another Way to Go Viral on Instagram

Instagram Stories are HOT!! Instagram stories are viewed more than 200 million times per day, so if you aren’t using them yet, it’s time to get on it. But, things just got better. Other people can share YOUR posts to their stories. It’s one of those settings Instagram added and by default, it’s turned on. I’ll tell you how to turn it off in a few minutes…

Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your way into other people’s stories:

  1. Brand your content. Be sure your full name, stage name, or Instagram account name is on your graphic so as it gets shared, it always leads back to you.
  2. Keep things interesting. Don’t overdo it with the personal posts (unless your account is strictly personal). Give your followers interesting content. If you’re trying to figure out what type of content you should be posting, get my book – The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Getting Started with Social Media.
  3. Be relevant. Pay attention to what’s happening in the news, what’s trending, and what people are dealing with. Figure out how your brand fits in and you’ll be giving your followers something relevant.

If you would like to turn off this feature, follow these steps:

  • Click the far right icon at the bottom of your Instagram account.
  • Click the wheel or three dots next to ‘edit profile’.
  • Scroll down to ‘allow resharing to stories’ and tap ‘on’
  • Swipe the button to the left and it will be turned off

Keep in mind that when your post is shared, your username will always show up! It’s great for branding.

Suzzette Turnbull is the CEO of Uncommon Marketing, Author and social media speaker. Connect with her on Facebook and LinkedIn at Suzzette Turnbull and on Instagram, Twitter, and Periscope at @suzyturn. Be sure to subscribe to the website for more social media tips, resources and upcoming trainings. Click the Shop Tab for more info on her social media book.

Instagram LIVE Update!

Instagram now has a LIVE streaming feature. Since its owned by Facebook, you can continue to expect these cool features. When initially launched, Instagram LIVE videos disappeared as soon as the LIVE stream ended. Well, there’s good news!

Instagram is now giving you the option to post it to Instagram Stories (the top bar of circle pics) for 24 hours. You’ll see that option after you hit the end live button. When looking at your Instagram Stories, you’ll know it’s a live video posted when you see the play button/arrow.

There are over 200 million daily users of Instagram stories, so if you have not been using that feature, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to connect with your followers.


Suzzette Turnbull is the CEO of Uncommon Marketing and a social media speaker and trainer. Connect with her on Facebook at Suzzette Turnbull and on Instagram,Twitter, and Periscope at @suzyturn. Be sure to subscribe to the website for more social media tips and get your copy of The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Getting Started with Social Media at