A Facebook Page or a Facebook Group?

Deciding between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group really depends on your goals. Both have its advantages, but serve different purposes.

Facebook Group
A Facebook group is designed to create a community of people bonded by a common interest. Interests can be anything. Some examples are networking, children, single moms, stay at home moms, fitness, fashion, and religion. Note that this list is not exhaustive; there are many more interests used to create groups.

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What sets groups apart is the community element of it. Unless the settings are changed by group admins, everyone can post in the group. Unlike Facebook pages, everyone’s posts show up on the timeline, so that it is easy to see and comment on. This encourages group members to post and share information as well as interact with each other. Again, this is where the community element comes into play. This takes pressure off the group admins, because members voluntarily share in the posting.

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