Your Head Weighs Up to 60 Pounds When Texting

Dr. Koi Ibrahim, DC, MS of Goldson Spine Rehabilitation Center takes a moment to talk about the dangers and effects on your posture and spine when using mobile devices. As I have been experiencing some of these effects myself, I wanted to make sure you heard the best advice from a credible professional.

“Studies have shown that people will spend about 7.4 hours per day looking at screens like a PDA or cell phone. The way you hold your PDA or look at your screen on a day-to-day basis can highly affect the way you function. It can also affect how you feel pain and discomfort in the back area. Different postures can put a lot of pressure on those nerves that communicate different things,” says Dr. Ibrahim.  Continue reading Your Head Weighs Up to 60 Pounds When Texting

Who Are You Talking to On Social Media?

Who are you talking to on social media? You may not realize this but there is a particular audience designed for your personality or for the product or service you offer. While I don’t know who your particular audience is, I know who it’s not. It’s not “everyone.” Why? Because you can’t talk to everyone at the same time effectively. Imagine having a group of 6-10 year olds in the same room as a group of senior citizens. Would they care about the same things? Would they have the same needs? Would they even understand the same buzz words? No, they wouldn’t. Continue reading Who Are You Talking to On Social Media?

The First Social Media Simplified Series Class of 2016!

I have received many inquiries from dedicated people rearing to improve their social media skills in 2016. Don’t fear, the first class is here. Starting Tuesday, March 1, 2016, we will begin our journey of 4-weeks of hands-on social media training. Register here: If you’re wondering what it’s about, here’s a sneak peek: Continue reading The First Social Media Simplified Series Class of 2016!

Two Upcoming Social Media Trainings

Our Social Media Simplified Series has gotten off to a great start! But, I’m not stopping there. I’m adding a new one to the mix – Building Your PERSONAL BRAND on Social Media. On Saturday, April 18, 2015, in a 3-hour class (9:00am – 12:00pm), I’ll be taking you through how to present yourself, get people to see you and learn your value online. You are a brand, and you matter! To learn more and to register for this class, click HERE. Continue reading Two Upcoming Social Media Trainings

Social Media Simplified Series Launched!

Social Media Simplified Series MarchAnother exciting moment this week. The Social Media Simplified Series has been launched. Born out of the desire to make your life easier, it’s a hands-on training that will cater to your needs and those of your business. Among other things, you will establish a brand online that potential customers will remember and call on for those services; learn which platforms are best for your business, what you should be saying, how to balance social posts with promotional posts, how to merge your social media activity with your marketing goals to get results; and more. Continue reading Social Media Simplified Series Launched!

Welcome to Suzy Talks!

I’m excited to share simple social media and marketing tips and strategies with you! I hope my passion and excitement for the possibilities will be infectious and lead to a greater presence online for you and your business.

Photo Credit: Imagery by Jules
Photo Credit: Imagery by Jules

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