6 Tips for Providing LIVE Social Media Coverage of an Event

You’ve been hired to do LIVE social media coverage at an event and you’re not sure where to start. Keep in mind that events are fast moving. There are no do-overs. Once you miss something, you miss it, so it is important to be prepared. Take a look at these 6 important tips. Continue reading 6 Tips for Providing LIVE Social Media Coverage of an Event

The Missing Piece in Your Social Media Activity

What’s the one thing you’re not doing on social media? We post, we comment, we go live, we click “like,” we “friend” or “follow” people. Not enough of us are leveraging the number one asset on social media – the network of people. Continue reading The Missing Piece in Your Social Media Activity

WHAT IF Social Media Disappeared?

You have thousands of followers and friends on social media and you talk to them daily. What would you do if social media disappeared? How would you keep in touch? It’s unlikely this will happen, but it makes you wonder. Last week, there was a glitch on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp that affected functionality. People panicked, understandably so. Losing touch with customers and potential customers shouldn’t be an option. Continue reading WHAT IF Social Media Disappeared?

My First Business Lesson

In 2010, I created my first social media webinar and was proud of it. Now, it was time to get people to register. I had a bright idea. I would simply ask my friends to forward the email to their friends to spread the word. Simple, right? Continue reading My First Business Lesson

Measuring Your Success on Social Media

A lot of us are in our feelings. You’re posting and engaging, doing everything the blogs and videos say you should do, but your numbers are not hitting that desired threshold.

So, how do you define your success on social media? Some people only feel successful if they have thousands of followers. That’s great if your primary goal is to be an influencer. But guess what? That may not be the right metric for your business goals. Continue reading Measuring Your Success on Social Media

100 Successful Women in Business

I am truly honored to be among the 100 women being acknowledged for their success in business on Saturday, March 16, 2019. Join us for a day of empowerment, sharing ideas and supporting each other, networking, and live entertainment. Continue reading 100 Successful Women in Business